Domain Specific Hands-On Engineering Skills For Graduates & Professionals

Binary (Labs) delivers training & capacity building in a well-equipped engineering lab environment which provides practical skills. Our cohorts get to configure, secure, deploy and operate scalable applications, system infrastructure and learn how to design and deploy network infrastructure that powers the Internet through large scale ISP's and Telecoms.

Binary (Labs) Engineering Skills


Learning Institutions across Sub-Sahara AFRICA are adopting industry skills programs so that their students can gain upto-date on-demand engineering skills needed in the 21st century by the Industry. These engineering skills help improve employment-related productivity and placement opportunity with prospective innovative employers.

Technical Hands-On Skills

High Level Overview

LinuxOS Internals

Obtaining hands-on knowledge around OpenSource Operating Systems Internals contribute significantly to skills needed for employability and innovative mindset since all Internet technology companies today, depend of LinuxOS variants to deliver digital products and services.

Become a LinuxOS Guru

Python Programming

The Python has become one of the most sough high-level programming languages in the world and learning to write code and program in Python Language is a significant added advantage towards employability and innovative software developers mindset.

Write Code in Python Language

Network Administration

Gaining the latest Network Administration hands-on knowledge contributes significantly to the skills needed for employability and operating IP network with single ISP provider connectivity. The skills are fundamental in the establishment and operation of Local Area Networks.

Administrator Enteprise Networks

Systems Administration

Systems Administration skills are fundamental in the establishment and operation of Internet Systems and Services. Gain curated foundational technical skills in systems administration while working on real world open-source server software and vendor hardware.

Administrator Datacenter Servers

Hardware Tinkering

Hardware prototyping is more complex than software prototyping. Rapidly combine hardware and software components using standard user interface prototyping tools and tinker with off-the-shelf hardware, from rasberry pi, to Arduino and other such embeded boards.

Hack Embedded Hardware

Internet Systems Security

Deep dive into the world of IT Security abd obtain techniques, knowledge and hands-on skills needed to secure scalable internet systems and network infrastructures. packet filter, to control inbound and outbound systems and network traffic at the server or network infrastructure levels.

Learn to Filter & Secure IT Systems

Network Engineering

Deep dive into the world of Network Engineering and obtain techniques, knowledge and hands-on skills needed for employability and operating of wide area packet-switched networks using multi-provider technology. The fundamental skills used establish & operate Telecom network infrastructure.

Design & Engineer Networks

System Engineering

Take a journey into the world of Internet systems designs, development, testing, deployments, maintenance and scaling and while at it, gain advanced curated technical hands-on skills in systems engineering while working on real world open-source server Operating systems and multi-vendor hardware.

Design & Engineer Systems

Curated Hands-On Practical Skills

Binary Labs are well-equipped engineering skunkworks environments which provide our cohorts with real-world practical tech skills and techniques from the front lines. Each workshop and/or bootcamp, delivers (hard-learned) industry skills acquired building and maintaining real-world softwares applicaitons, server systems and carrier-grade networks infrastructure.